Samson: Weeks 6-9

With my second semester back at USU drawing to a close, and the short but much needed Winter Break on the horizon, I have been pretty much conceded defeat to school. My weekly pictures seem to corroborate that, too. Earlier this week, I even had a random old dude at the gas station mistake me for an employee and hand me his debit card with the request that I top off his tank. I suppose that is how you know that your beard is truly authentic, though. When a local old timer mistakes you for a gas station attendant, you must be doing something right.

My recent entrance onto the beard scene has also forced me to seriously consider my facial hair grooming habits. Beard-care products are something I had previously never given much thought to, and my requirements so far have been pretty basic: natural ingredients and a simple, masculine, outdoorsy smell. Really, until some genius is able to successfully develop and market a beard oil that smells like a mix between of one of John Denver’s sleeveless vests and a motorcycle ride through Logan Canyon, I will gladly settle for “Pine Tar” and “Sandalwood.”

One day I will bathe my whiskers in your sweet perfume, Johnny Boy. One day.
Without any further ado, and coming to a Tesoro gas station near you, my progress for weeks 6-9:


Happy Thanksgiving!

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